Natalia González


Natalia González Martín’s practice has been primarily concerned with matter and the need of humanity to preserve it from the decay of time. Throughout the creation of fictitious organic and archaeological-like objects and their arbitrary classification, her work questions the precariousness of the established value given to objects.

An analysis of the longstanding tension between objects and society is made based on the observation of objects essentially on a physical level which she then reinterprets erasing this way any symbolic value from them. The process consists on the observation of historical artefacts displayed in museums, which she then borrows and distorts until the primal source becomes almost unrecognizable. Questions of ownership and collecting become palpable in her practice.

Due to their abstracted quality the attention is dragged from the object displayed to the action of displaying, the act of confinement dictates the nature of the object as a passive being. This need to systematically classify and categorise the work generates an examination on our culture of collecting. The isolated creations lack of context, which consequently erases any hierarchy between them, due to this, different layers of time and space merge together. Allegories to the human body are constant in her work, highlighting the idea of everything being made in the image of human.

The process loads her work with historical, cultural and iconographic references that might necessitate deciphering. The finished product inhabits an ambiguous, disturbing place between organic matter and rock with allegories to the human body, resulting into a depiction of vanitas and memento mori, themes, inherent and inescapable to the human condition that bring different layers of time together interweaving personal and social concerns.


· City and Guilds of London Art School Degree show, London, UK
· London-Dresden Drawing exchange, Lodon, UK-Dresden, Germany

· Interim Show Manager at Diorama Studios, London, UK
· Included in Afàn Afàn artists book, Hago Cosas Project. Madrid

· Shortlisted for the Painters and Stainers Award
· Solo exhibition at Oxjam Music Festival at The Monarch, London, UK
· “Les Étudiants” Group exhibition at Salon Brixton, London, UK
· “Liminal” Group show at the Ragged School Museum, London, UK

· The Worshipful Company of Grocers Scholarship, London, UK
· Group exhibition at San Agustín de Guadalix Arts Center, Madrid, Spain
· Group show at City and Guilds of London Art School, London, UK

· First Prize at Jóvenes Creadores del Ayuntamiento de Madrid painting contest, Madrid, Spain